Wild Flowers That Are In This Season

Spring is the season where we see colourful flowers blooming everywhere to brighten our days. While most people would like to see more flowers in their gardens, many of them are not too sure as to which variety of flower they should go for. Here are some of the most cheerful plants that would certainly be a great display in your garden this spring and bring some warmth to your home exterior.

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Some perfect perennial woodland plants can be part of your beautiful wild flower garden. These perennials are good to plant when the soil is moist and warm – the perfect spring weather. If you have a shady area beside the hedge, beneath some trees or along a wall with shade, then the flowers will easily thrive. If you don’t have a garden, you can put them in small pots and see them blossom into a wonderful display.

Wood Sorrel, scientifically known as Oxalis acetosella, are tiny chalice-like white flowers. Their leaves look like the clover; however, they are not at all related. The Wood Sorrel is not exactly a sorrel. It has apple green lobed leaves that are covered with tiny hairs. These can grow in lightly shaded areas or around shrubs. This perennial prefers damp soil filled with organic matter. You can also grow it in a pot that should be in a shaded spot.

Bluebells are the iconic blue flower representing spring. The flowers are narrow with rolled tops, and their unique scent fills the air when they blossom. You can grow them in partially or fully shaded hedgerows and borders. It is best sown in autumn in little pots filled with seed compost. In winter, you can leave it outside and then plant the seedlings in soil later to see them flower in spring. You should note that it takes up to 5 years for its seed to attain flowering.

Primrose needs no introduction. These soft and beautiful yellow flowers are indeed a great sight during spring, particularly when they are wrapped in their textured leaves.  This plant does not like dry soil and burning sun; thus, it needs to be placed lightly shaded spot and they will grow easily. You can place them in areas such as meadows, hedgerows, or borders. Primroses grow best in cool moist soil that is well drained and full of organic matter. This is not a fussy woodlander plant and it is quite tolerant to harsh conditions.

Want to have some edible plant too in your garden? You can plant lily of the valley and garlic ransoms.