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Timber is not only a beautiful product that’s a renewable and recyclable resource, but it actually acts as a carbon store that can help in reducing carbon emissions. Using sustainable timber has many benefits to the planet and the end user, read more to find out how sustainable timber can benefit you and your economy.

Why should you use it?

In response to the global challenges presented by climate change issues, sustainable wood provides a natural and eco-friendly solution to many of the material resource problems we face today.

Sustainable timber produced from well-managed sources is considered to be one of the planet’s most valuable resources. Timber is a recyclable material that can be produced on a mass scale, to be used for a wide variety of different purposes.

Here are benefits of sustainable timber:

  • Trees absorb carbon from the air, so when the tree is harvested all the carbon will be stored in the timber. The felled trees are replaced by young trees which again, removes carbon from the atmosphere
  • Naturally renewable resource
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Can be used as a fuel such as cooking and heating and occasionally for fuelling steam engines and steam turbines that generate electricity

What makes timber sustainable?

Timbersource stock comes from sustainable forests, which replant trees after they are harvested. This means that more C02 is stored which makes sustainable timber products better than carbon neutral. Timber products consists of decking, cladding, fences, timber doors and much more.

There are two main bodies of certification that ensure that companies source wood do it from fully managed sustainable forests. There are The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC). Timbersource holds both of these certificates.

What do these bodies ensure:

  • Timber is sourced from fully managed sustainable forests
  • Forests are protected
  • Workers who run the forests are provided with training, safety equipment and good salaries

If you are unsure whether you are buying sustainable timber, then be sure to look out for both of these certificates. For more information, Click Here.

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