Useful Tips for Remodelling Your Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a new and improved look doesn’t have to set you back a fortune. You can redesign and remodel it according to your taste, while still staying within the limits of your budget. However, before embarking on this remodelling venture that doesn’t have to be at all tiresome and stressful, you should take some time to prepare.

Preparation Stage

If you take some time to prepare for the remodelling process, you’ll be able to outline exactly what you want, which is a first step towards designing a perfect bathroom. You should start by defining your budget; otherwise you’ll end up spending more than you have. By working out some details, such as the materials you want to use or whether you’ll need some help, you’ll know what to expect and how much investment the remodelling will require. Another important consideration when it comes to bathroom remodelling is the size of your bathroom. The aesthetic appeal shouldn’t be the primary focus of your attention. Instead, think in terms of functionality and try to make a design that will make the most of the available space.

Lighting Fixtures

Every room in your house requires a specific lighting scheme, and the bathroom is no exception. A single overhead light has been left behind in favour of more appropriate and effective lighting options. Task lights are more suitable for bathrooms and they should illuminate the key bathroom areas, such as the vanity and shower. Opting for lighting fixtures just above the mirror can be quite unflattering, which is why cross-lighting, with lights on the sides and one that emanates from below, is a much better solution.

Plenty of Storage

If you have a small bathroom, you can easily create a functional space if you include enough storage options. Apart from looking stylish, shelves and compartments for bathroom supplies and towels will enable you to have a clutter-free bathroom. Not only will this elongate the area, but it will also create a trendy, yet relaxing atmosphere.

Fixture Updates

Although fixtures such as faucets, towel racks or drawer pulls might seem as an insignificant part your bathroom, you can bring a sense of novelty by replacing them. You can experiment with different shapes, sizes and finishes that will complete the overall style of your bathroom. In addition, if you have leaky faucets, this is a great way to solve the problem while still giving your bathroom a new look.

Green Upgrades

Remodelling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to replace your toilet, sink and shower heads with more energy-efficient options that will help you conserve water. By opting for water-saving faucets and showerheads, which often aren’t more expensive than the regular versions, you will significantly reduce water consumption in your home and save on the water bill.

Protection of Pipes

If you’re conducting a more in-depth bathroom remodel, you should make sure to protect your pipes from freezing. This will help you minimise the risk of plumbing issues that can cause serious damage. If possible, bring up the pipes through the floor and not the walls (of course, this is possible only if your bathroom is at the first floor). Other possible solutions are running the pipes on the interior side of wall insulation and arranging that there’s no plumbing on the exterior walls.

Division of Labour

Bathroom remodelling entails a number of projects that you can conduct on your own. For example, you can place tiles by yourself even if you don’t know how – there are many step-by-step tutorials on the Internet. However, when it comes to certain tasks that require some specific skills or knowledge, you should seek professional help. Replacing old pipes, for example, requires a certain level of expertise, so it’s advisable that you contact a 24 hour plumber in Melbourne in order to avoid making a costly mistake. By outlining what you can do on your own, you will be able to focus on those tasks, while leaving the rest to professionals.

Once you start remodelling your bathroom, you should remember that it’s a process that will take a couple of days to be done properly. If you create a plan and start prepared, the process will run smoothly and you’ll have a stylish bathroom in no time.