Why More UK Families Are Taking to the Road for Their Annual Break

The rising cost of living affects us all and the price of just about everything is continually creeping up and British people are finding it difficult to manage. Saving for that much needed family holiday has always been a challenge and this is one expense area where great savings can be made by investing in a caravan. Not only does caravanning save you a lot of money, there’s something unique about a camping holiday – it strengthens the family bond – and every single holiday is a different experience, which cannot be said for the traditional package holiday.

Why a Caravan?

Many UK homeowners ask this question and the answer lies in the fact that you can tow your holiday home behind your car. This allows you an unprecedented level of independence and freedom, something that really does appeal to us all. We all know there are tiny little glades and coves tucked away in the gorgeous British countryside and with your accommodation attached to your vehicle via a tow bar, you can spend as long as you want in that small area of paradise. Once you have found the right caravan, simply order an adjustable tow bar online (make sure it is compatible with your car), hook it up and away you go.

Supply and Demand

The staggering number of caravans being bought and sold in the UK is a reflection of how popular this type of holiday has become. With so many people on the road touring, there is a growing campsite industry catering for the tourer, so finding safe places to stay is never an issue. A visit to the Lake District or Norfolk Broads will confirm this and the Internet enables families to really plan their itinerary, down to the finest detail.


If you’ve decided to join the thousands of other families that are enjoying caravan holidays, there is a little preparation. You must ensure that your car is suitable for towing the caravan you are going to buy. It’s all about gross weight and of course, there are different types of tow bar. Towing a caravan requires a new set of skills and you would be well-advised to do some online research about towing, especially reversing. The caravan must have rear lights and indicators and there are a few accessories you will need. If all this sounds a little daunting, simply Google a towing specialist, who would stock everything you need, and purchasing online is usually cheaper than a retail outlet.

There’ a lot to learn about caravans, but you can expect to enjoy many years of exciting adventures and all at an affordable cost, therefore it is worth the effort and expense. The initial caravan investment fades away when you factor in that you no longer have to pay for accommodation ever again, it suddenly seems a wise investment. Touring with a caravan is a win-win situation, with very affordable cost and a lifetime of holiday experiences that are never the same, and of course, Europe beckons and there’s no better way to see the many wonders of mainland Europe than with a caravan.