The Pros and Cons of Showers vs Tubs

One thing all children have in common is their wonderful curiosity and the ability to get in trouble when you’re not looking. This is one of the reasons why parents worry over the safety of their children at all times: in parks, on the streets, and even in the comfort of their own homes. Some kids enjoy long baths and playing in water while others prefer showers, and before you make up your mind you should get informed on both.

Why showers rock…

Showers are the best choice for families which are environmentally-conscious as they use way less water than bathtubs do. They are convenient and quick, which is great for those who wake up early and shower before going to work. What is more, they are the great for the elderly and people who have different mobility issues as they are easy to get in and out of. You can always bring in a small bench or install a special grab bar if you are worried that you’ll slip, not to mention that you can use non-slip tiles too. For those who have small bathrooms, showers are an obvious choice since they have a small footprint.

…and why they don’t

Even though showers have a number of benefits, they simply aren’t practical for families with small children. When your children are too small to wash themselves, you’ll be the one who has to make sure the shampoo is rinsed and that they aren’t just standing there and playing with water. What is more, as they are very active and curious, there is always the danger that they’ll slip and end up getting hurt. Not to mention that shower doors are a nightmare when it comes to cleaning, with all those prominent lime and calcium stains. Showers are a great thing for adults and children older than six, but until then, it’s just portable tubs and pain in the back for poor parents.

The downsides of having a tub

On the one hand, baths are more convenient for families with small children because they allow you to bathe your children in peace and without making a mess, but on the other hand, baths have a lot of downsides too. Not only do they require a lot more water than showers, but they take up a lot of space too. Filling a tub can be time-consuming and the idea of your dirty little bathers sitting in muddy water can make you shudder. You need an adequate water heater to heat up all that water, which can also lead to higher electricity bills, and there are higher risks of injuries as people most often slip and fall while getting in and out of bathtubs.

Why tubs are great

Still, no matter how inconvenient and time consuming baths are, they are irreplaceable when it comes to children and their bath time. There is nothing quite like the joy of a child as they go on splashing in the water and your sincere laughter when you make them a shampoo mohawk. When you’re getting your children to wash themselves, you can always turn bath time into play time and throw balloons, glow sticks, and toys in the water and see the amazed look on their faces when they enter the bathroom. For those who worry about available space, there are bathtubs in different sizes and shapes, suitable for bathrooms of all sizes.

It all comes down to what is more convenient for you and your family depending on the size of your bathroom. Of course, your personal preference has a significant role too, and even though it’s considered a luxury these days, a combination of a shower and a tub in the bathroom may be the best choice because it allows you to experience the best of both worlds.