Louisiana Has Plenty to Offer: Plan a Vacation to Bring Your Family Together

When searching for a family vacation in the United States, the state of Louisiana offers a rich cultural history, a southern cuisine that speaks for itself, and the truest form of southern hospitality. Louisiana boasts events for people of all ages including boating, children museums, sports, and lively festivals. The serenity of the outdoors in Louisiana makes for an incredible escape with the family.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana and one of the most common places to visit while in the state. The iconic French Quarters portray the cultural melting pot of African, Creole, and French-Canadian history through the food, art, and local people. In 2018, the city of New Orleans will be celebrating their tri-centennial with unique events throughout the year. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans offers beaches, boating activities, and an abundance of fresh and salt-water fishing that the whole family can enjoy. Every February, the city hosts Madri Gras, one of the biggest festivals in the United States, which is renown for its beads, masks, and electric atmosphere.

Baton Rouge

While in the capitol city of Baton Rouge, the family can stay in the comfortable Marriot SpringHill Suites and enjoy the many exciting nearby attractions. The family can travel to the Houmas House Plantation, Blue Bayou Water Park, Lamar Dixon and Pelican Point Golf & Country Club. The children can also enjoy the day at the Knock Knock Children’s Museum where they can allow their imagination to run wild. If fortunate enough to be in Baton Rouge on a Saturday in autumn, then one might be able to see the town turn the colors of purple and gold as they cheer on the Louisiana State University football team. The entire state takes pride in the LSU Tigers as they play some of the best competition in the United States. If lucky enough to see a live game, it will surely be one of best sports experiences of your life.

Outside the Cities

The state of Louisiana is surrounded by beautiful swamp and marshlands. The best way to see the scenery is to glide through the water on a guided tour. Tours can range from a fishing trip to bird watching as well as spotting alligators out in the wild. When not on the water, one can go hiking or biking in one of the 22 state parks that Louisiana has to offer. Louisiana also has one of the largest outdoor game reserves in the United States for any hunting needs.

Plan Your Visit

When considering the next family vacation, Louisiana should be considered as a premier destination that everyone could enjoy. The entire family can appreciate the cuisine, the culture, and the overall urban atmosphere while still having the option to relax in the tranquility of nature. If this were not enough, the festivals celebrating the 300th anniversary of New Orleans as well as Mardi Gras could lead to many family adventures and lifelong memories.