How to keep your kids entertained on a road trip!

Face it, the car can be a pretty boring place for anyone under 10 years old. These little folks don’t have the teenage desire to sleep constantly, nor the adult ability to just deal with long drives and boring scenery. There are several car manufacturers that have made entertaining children on the road a breeze with built in TVs and other technology to keep boredom at bay. You can read more about those vehicles at if that scenario sounds especially enticing. Until then, here are a few suggestions for keeping your children busy and yourself sane while in the car.

One of the easiest ways to keep children occupied in the car is with snacks. Of course, you can’t constantly feed them while you travel. But, a few, well-placed healthy snacks will help tremendously to break up the monotony of the road. Pack snack size bags with healthy items like cut carrots and grapes, graham crackers or fruit snacks. Don’t forget to keep them hydrated too.

Depending on the age of your young traveling companions, you might consider using the time in the car to research, explore and learn more about the destination to which you’re headed. If that happens to be Great Aunt Jane’s house in Toledo, that’s probably not the best way to pass the time. But, if the destination is somewhere that the children could really get excited about, it’s an option. Before you leave town, you could print pictures out of the destination and include plenty of other information to get them excited and asking questions.

Other great ways to pass the time are verbal games that you can easily play while driving. There’s the old classic In My Grandmother’s Chest, or the license plate game. You could take turns adding onto a funny story, or count common roadside items like cows or big rigs. You should also plan to stop often which will give the kids a chance to change their view, stretch their legs and will go a long way to creating a more pleasurable trip in the car with the kids.