Interesting Holidays You Might Want to Celebrate

There is no doubt about it, people are definitely happier during the holidays, yet there does not seem to be enough of these days to go around. Well, you can stop pouting and start celebrating some of the following holidays. 

Day for the Peculiar

One interesting day to celebrate is the Peculiar People Day. This day is celebrated to honor people in your life that are interesting or unique. These are the kinds of people who do not fit into a box or do not concern themselves with what other people think. The day is celebrated on January 10, and there is no better way to celebrate it than to do something that these people love to do, which is bound to be peculiar. Of course, you can also simply get this person a card as long as it is a strange one. 

A Day for the Horror Lovers

Friday the 13 falls every so often. There are times when it falls in January, but there are other times when it falls in April, October, July, March, December, September, or November. Your job is to keep track of these days in the current year. There is no telling what kind of horror-infused parties you can think of, but it is a great day to celebrate horror without waiting for Halloween. 

A Geek Day for Star Wars

May 4 is a very special day for all those who love Star Wars and anything related to science fiction. The day was chosen because of a famous line from the Star Wars universe that says, “May the force be with you.” Obviously, the ‘force’ is substituted by the ‘fourth,’ which is the reason this month and day was chosen. It would be great to say that you can celebrate this day by going to the movies to see the latest Star Wars movie, but a new movie is probably not coming out every year, so perhaps you can just host a viewing party or something similar. 

Christmas in the Summertime

Christmas in July is an unofficial holiday that is celebrated throughout the world by all sorts of people. Some say the holiday is celebrated because December 25 falls on July 25 in the summer hemisphere, but who knows? The fact is that some people want to celebrate Christmas at a time when it is not freezing outside but balmy and nice. You can enjoy a BBQ with friends and family without dealing with subzero temperatures. You can travel, and you can purchase gifts without paying the high prices associated with the regular Christmas holiday. You can also celebrate this day by buying people unorthodox gifts go be funny like a Christmas sweater because it is not warm enough for a jacket just yet. 

There you go. Now, you have a number of reasons to stay happy during the year with these interesting holidays. Be sure to explore other holidays that may be out there because you might find one that you like.