Green Activities You Can Share With Your Family

The importance of adopting a greener lifestyle is greater than ever before, as the effects of mankind on the environment become ever clearer: from shrinking ice caps to plastic pollution in our seas and increasing episodes of extreme weather, often in the countries that can least afford them. Our children’s generation will have to face the greatest effects of global warming and environmental change, so it makes sense to involve them in your green activities today, thus helping to create more environmentally aware adults of tomorrow.

Recycling And Smarter Garbage Disposal

Recycling as much material as possible can be one of the best weapons we have in the fight against environmental damage. One way to do this is to take as much material as possible to your local recycling center. Your children can help you sort what is recyclable from what is sadly not recyclable. In this way, an important activity also becomes educational. Even organic materials can be disposed of in a more eco-friendly way by using a garbage disposal unit from experts such as Say goodbye to kitchen waste and hello to a greener household.

Switch To Alternatives To Plastic

The effect of plastic waste is devastating upon our seas and oceans, and upon the marine species that live there. This has been gaining increasing media coverage in recent months, and the result is that increasing numbers of households are turning their back on single-use plastic items and items with plastic packaging and choosing greener alternatives instead. Children love animals of all kinds, and so when you explain that cutting down on plastic can help animals in need they’re sure to be enthusiastic supporters of your cause. This is a great opportunity to discuss the oceans with your children, and the incredible life forms that inhabit their depths.

Raise Money For A Green Cause

There are lots of green charities and causes across the United States and beyond, from multinational organizations like Greenpeace and The Rainforest Alliance to local animal shelters. Find one you and your family are passionate about then get together with your children to discuss ways of raising money for them. Ideas could include baking cakes and buns together and then selling them for the cause. Alternatively, your children could volunteer to give up something they love for a month and get sponsored for their efforts. Whatever money your children raise, you can be sure that it will be gratefully accepted, and your children will feel pride when they see how their activities have made a positive difference to a great cause.

The fight for a greener planet is a tough one, but there are signs that pressure from ordinary families is turning the tide. Major companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola have already announced plans to dramatically cut their plastic usage, for example. Adopting a greener lifestyle is something that all the family can enjoy together, and this could be great news for you, your children’s generation, and the world as a whole. If we all take little steps we can make big progress, as shown by the African proverb: ‘drop by drop fills the bucket.’