Great Outdoor Family Activities Anyone Can Enjoy

How can you keep your kids occupied and enjoy yourself at the same time?

Outdoor family activities are ideal for when good weather arrives and you want to make the most of a few days off to enjoy with your children. Here are some great recommendations for excursions, children’s sports, games and family trips.

With these ideas for fun family leisure activities you can take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy a getaway to the countryside, beach, or the mountains, visit charming cities, or make up your own activities to enjoy at home. It’s a great way to  get all the family together and also to raise the awareness of your kids of the importance of respecting nature and the great outdoors.

Outdoor family activities

With the good weather what a great opportunity to enjoy nature; there are lots of things to do in the countryside as a family. Also, the more adventurous can choose to spend a weekend at a campsite or take a trip to the mountains.

If you are looking at taking a longer trip, there is nothing more exciting for younger children than a train trip. You can take a storybook, a toy, a cushion, children’s songs, as well as something to eat.

Trips can become a source of stress and headaches for parents if you go unprepared, but if well organised, they can be a fun adventure that all can enjoy and create some unforgettable family memories.

If you do not have many free days or it is not the best time economically, you can organise a family sports or fun outdoor games in the country. Prepare some tasty sandwiches for everyone and some refreshing juices to invigorate.

Travelling as a family

When it comes to travelling with the family, many parents worry about the amount of luggage, the behaviour of the children during the stay, and so just choose to stay at home. It doesn’t have to be that way, with some thoughtful planning, and plenty to keep your kids occupied, travelling as a family can be an adventure. If you have friends who have done it – ask them for advice!

Getting back to nature

Creating a garden at home is a perfect activity to share with little ones. You can show them how to prepare the earth, observe and care for the plants, they will also acquire a greater appreciation of nature and the environment. You even help them plant vegetables, you’ll love the look on their faces when it is time to pick and eat them!

Have a picnic

What is better than a picnic? A picnic with games! Plan a picnic day and organise some games that your kids will love playing. What kinds of games can children do when they go on a picnic to the countryside? Try a scavenger hunt, hide and seek, rounders, or even plan your picnic near an adventure playground.

Feeling sporty?

If your kids like being active and are into sports, organise some sports for before the picnic. Playing a family game of football is easy and fun. If you picnic near a pool, lake or river, take your kids swimming to work up a healthy appetite. Sport has enormous benefits for the physical and mental health of children.

Go hiking

Depending on the ages of your kids, plan a hike somewhere interesting. The physical activity is great for kids and there is usually a lot to see on popular hiking trails. Hiking is a great way to get some essential exercise, spend quality family time together, energise yourself, and reconnect with nature.