Fun Indoor Activities for You And Your Toddler

With the winter cold still nipping at our heels, we’ll need to keep the party moving indoors. Although spring is nearly here, spring weather feels like it’s still months away. Keep your kids smiling with these awesome indoor friendly games.

Bust Out the Bubbly

Markers, crayons, and paint all have the potential to ruin a play session. Give your children something they can have a blast with, without worrying about the clean-up. Play bubble-golf by picking a target within the house that you must hit with a bubble before your partner. If it’s still brisk outside, you can blow a bubble or two outside and watch it freeze. However, you choose to blow your bubbles, you know that you’re in for a great time.

Keepy Uppy

To play this classic game you’ll need a balloon and an area cleared of any obstructing objects. Work with your child to see how long you both can keep the balloon in the air before it falls to the ground.

A Scavenger Hunt

In preparation for searching for eggs this Easter, sprinkle sweets around the house and have your little one go on a hunt. This is a fun game that could last for hours so long as the prizes are appealing enough. Just make sure that everything can be found easily enough and that you don’t put prizes in places that could be hazardous for your child.

Indoor Bowling

Put your recyclable bottles into a bowling formation and get one of the many balls you probably have lying around the house. Be sure to put your cat or dog in another room and start bowling!


This one is perfect if a few people join. Throw up the fingers, start acting, and let your family guess away. If you think your child is having difficulty picking what to perform maybe its best that everyone picks out a card to act out.


Everyone likes cookies; especially these ones. You and your toddler should get baking together to make the entire experience more gratifying. Cookies simply taste better when they’re baked with love.