Flower Girls and Weddings

A wedding is said to be the best day of a girl’s life and when the special day arrives the bride obviously wants that to be the case. The bride though probably isn’t the only girl attending who is excited and nervous about the big day, because traditionally, the cutest of the little girls in the family, get to dress up and play an important role in proceedings as the flower girl. She will typically walk in front of the wedding procession, with her partner for the day, the ring bearer, or page boy, and scatter petals on the floor in front of the bride. There are one or two other options around today, that use slightly different options, such as holding a miniature bouquet, similar to the one held by the bride. The flower girl will remember the day as much and as long as the bride herself, so it is important to get it absolutely right for her.

The Flower Girls Dress

Little girls love to dress up and this is a chance for her to really go to town and look amazing and she is going to love every minute of it. Ideally you want the flower girls dress to match those worn by the bride or bridesmaids, in colour and fabric. It should be a full length, sleeveless dress, which speaks of style and elegance. Remember when you are planning things well in advance that in just a few short months your flower girl might have put on a few pounds and grown a couple of inches, so plan growing room in. She won’t be impressed if it doesn’t fit right.

The Hairstyle

It isn’t every day that kids get to dress up with adults and to be made to feel special and they will probably be on their very best behaviour with all the pampering going on. There are many options available for the hairstyle, though the ballerina bun, often with a flower crown is very popular, as is a floral headpiece, which adds some flair and works perfectly with long curls. The girls will have hours of fun looking through hundreds of photos looking for the perfect style, which should hopefully elicit a few Oo’s and Ah’s as she leads the procession.

The Flowers and the Basket

The basket and the flower girl petals make up the full ensemble and here once again you are spoilt for choice. The basket is normally relatively simple in itself, though ornately decorated, generally in white colours and often with a couple of bows here and there. When it comes to the petals, they are available in just about every colour you could possibly imagine, which should once again provide hours of happiness and enjoyment for the girls to pick and choose.

The scattering of flowers at a wedding has deep seated roots in history, with petals being scattered in front of the bride all the way from her house to the church in Elizabethan times, though it is in the Victorian era when the flower girl we know today is really recognisable. It has become a tradition around the world at high society and Royal weddings, and the little girls absolutely love being the total centre of attention as they lead the party in.