With the internet and the TV, it is increasingly hard to spend some quality time together as a family. Work or commitments always come in the way and when everyone is free, they are mostly glued to their phones or the TV.

Despite living together, families now hardly spend any time. Talk of familiar strangers. This may lead to some unbecoming behavior in the children going unnoticed.

Spending some quality time together as a family not only builds trust and closeness but also alleviates stress. Below are some budget-friendly ways to have quality family time.

Take part in charity work

Enlist the services of your family to help at the old people’s home or orphanage. You can help in a charity of your choice. The goal is to do something together as a team – a family.


Exercise is one of the many ways to spend family time. Train together for a marathon. If that’s too much work for you, go for family runs or take walks together over the weekend. You can even organize a family bike ride or any form of exercise that all the family members can participate in.

You will not only enjoy the time you spend together but also benefit from the exercise, as it can improve both your physical and mental health.

Family housecleaning

Instead of hiring the services of cleaning company or having a few members clean, let everyone be allocated their cleaning duties over the weekend with some soothing music playing in the background. No one will grumble again from doing too much work by themselves.

Indoor Games and Family Trivia

Instead of watching TV, you can buy family-friendly board games like chess, Monopoly and checkers and learn how to play together as a family.

Some board games like scrabble improve the vocabulary of the children and the adults alike. You can learn family trivia questions from and let everyone participate.

Storytelling and writing

Let everyone write stories and poems during their free time during the weekday and then schedule a weekend in which they get to share and read out loud their material with rest of the family members as the audience. This is a good way to develop the writing and the public speaking skills of everyone in the family. It improves confidence and inculcates a reading culture in the children.

A Short Family Trip

Travel together to the attraction sites near your town. Visit the botanical gardens, museums, and monuments for a family learning experience. Make it a family picnic and remember the memory for years to come.

Learn how to play an instrument and craft

Use everyone’s creativity to organize indoor activities that require artful expression. Learn how to play instruments and have a family concert, get some crafts and drawings.

Teach one another how to make simple things by hand like knitting a sweater or origami.

Cook together

Everyone should be able to use the kitchen, especially when mum isn’t around. Thus, having a family cook-off session will help each family member learn some kitchen basics and even prepare a wonderful meal or bake some pastries. Profits from the sale can go to the family vacation kitty.