An Informative Guide On Kenmore Elite 41072

Although top loading washing machines have almost become a household staple, more and more people are now choosing front-load washers as these have become must-have household items due to the increased capabilities and convenience. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your washer and dryer with the top-of-the-line devices, then you can invest in Kenmore elite 41072. This model of washer has all the functionalities and latest cleaning technologies that can match your household cleaning requirements perfectly. Starting from some impressive cleaning features and basic designs to the latest technology, these washers offer different types of options for cleaning and drying. This washer also comes with a modern, smooth finish and a noiseless motor.

Features that differentiate Kenmore elite 41072 from other models: 

  1. It offers exceptional cleaning facility
  2. This machine comes with a larger capacity to perform more laundry at a time
  3. It operates in both rapid and normal cycles
  4. This machine includes an intuitive control panel
  5. It offers an end of cycle signal
  6. This device is operated with a smart motion technology
  7. It also includes an NSF certified sanitize cycle

Details of Kenmore elite 41072:

Design and usability: The dial-and-button based user interface of this washer and dryer model is highly intuitive and straightforward. Big fonts of this machine are easily readable and the bright lights can even lit up the dark laundry rooms. Size is the biggest asset of Kenmore elite 41072. The 5.2 cubic foot interior of this device can fit around 16 pounds of clothing at a time.

This means it allows the users to clean big amount of laundry at a time.

The design of this washer model helps it to deal with large laundry loads that include bedding like comforters. It also includes 14 wash cycles, five soil levels and eight wash options along with a sturdy cycle of sanitization. This cycle is highly assuring to the parents, who want to wash cloth diapers in it as the design of this device keeps the interior of the washer clean and safe. 

Features and performance: This device uses a magnetic stopper to keep the door ajar. And it also allows the drum to dry while preventing any mildew smell from coming. For washing laundries under 8 pounds, this washer packs both power and speed. The normal cycle of this washer, known as Accela Wash takes around 38 minutes of time. It is powered through stains and it spins out the excess amount of water. Apart from that, the drum light feature of this washer allows adding steam to choose cycles. Another feature of Kenmore elite 41072 is Stay Fresh. It keeps the laundry tumbling even after a cycle gets over to keep the laundry from getting musty.

Besides, this washer also offers a “Kids Wear” cycle that offers a second rinse to remove all the residual detergent, which can irritate the skin of the kids. Another functionality of this device is “StreamTreat” that successfully clears away all the set-in stains.