Adjustable Bed Benefits: How an Elevated Upper Body Helps

Adjustable beds can provide several configurations beyond the basic flat surface, but most people will use them to keep the head and upper body elevated. That’s no coincidence – keeping the upper body elevated while you sleep comes with several important health benefits.

Prevents Snoring

If either you or your partner snores, you’ll know that this isn’t a condition to laugh at. Heavy snoring can prevent your partner from sleeping and wake you up in the middle of the night. Even worse, persistent snoring can see you waking up several times throughout the night. You might not even remember these brief periods in the morning, but you’ll feel tired nonetheless. By using an adjustable bed that keeps your head lifted up slightly, you’ll keep your airways clearer and help prevent snoring.

Avoid Heartburn

Heartburn can be incredibly unpleasant. It occurs when the stomach acid used to start digesting your food moves out of the stomach and up into the oesophagus. As you can probably guess, this is more likely to happen when you’re lying down. Plenty of sufferers will stack pillows behind their heads, but it’s much more comfortable and effective to use an adjustable bed.

Improve Circulation

People with mobility issues tend to value their adjustable beds, and that’s partly due to their ability to keep the blood flowing and reduce swelling. If you allow fluids to collect in the extremities, joint pain can get worse. If blood isn’t transporting oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products, the muscles don’t heal as well. Adjusting your upper body can help keep the blood flowing. Adjustable beds will also let you raise your feet.

Combat Asthma and Allergies

Finally, you might want to strongly consider investing in an adjustable bed if you suffer from asthma or any allergies. Raising your upper body won’t prevent those issues, but it will take pressure off your lungs and open up your airways. As a result, you’ll be able to take deeper, fuller breaths without working so hard.