The Many Additional Benefits Of Eye Tests That You May Not Have Thought Of

There are many people in the UK that currently wear glasses and they wear them for a number of reasons. Some need them to see when doing their general day to day things and others need them to read. Kids are wearing them from a very young age and the adults as they get older, feel the need to go for an eye test to help them with their vision issues. Eye tests are great for identifying vision issues, but they are also useful for identifying other issues with your health. Businesses in the UK now need to look at eye tests for employees as an important part of business because their employees eye care has wider reaching implications for the business.

New Technology

A full eye exam should be included in many UK company health care schemes because it offers many additional benefits to the worker and the company. New technology in eye care centres is allowing optometrists to see the back of the eye, the retina and allows them to take digital photographs. Being able to see the blood microcirculation behind the eye can reveal eye conditions and also other health issues. It allows the optician to keep records of the patient’s eyes and allows them to see if the sight is declining or getting better.

Who Benefits?

Almost all employees are using computers, laptops or some kind of machinery that has a monitor attached. Looking at a computer screen for many hours a day is going to take its toll on your eyes and many employees complain about tired eyes and headaches during work and after they go home. This leads to employees taking sick days off and this is no good for the company. Providing and paying for eye tests for employees will ensure that employees are getting the help they need to do their jobs better which will result in less days off and that can only be good for both the employee and the business. In some cases, employees are required to wear safety eyewear and it would be much better for them if they were able to have prescription safety goggles instead.

Detected Conditions

Screening by an optometrist allows the current technology to find issues with employees’ health and in some cases, serious health issues can be noticed. Such things as diabetes, heart conditions, cancers, high cholesterol and hypertension are only a few of the issues that can be found. Finding these issues early is paramount if people are to receive effective treatment and a cure. A simple eye test could quite literally save lives and also reduce the number of days off by employees. The cost of days off in the UK amounts to billions of pounds each year and anything that can reduce that, needs to be seriously looked at.

Getting your eyes tested either through your company or by yourself is essential if you want to remain in good health. Additionally, getting glasses to help with eye strain when using computers regularly is a great help.