6 ways to reduce anxiety for optimal mental health

In this day and age, mental health is extremely important. Not only does it help one handle the different facets of their life effectively, but also enables them to have meaningful social interactions.

That being said, anxiety is one of the leading causes of mental disorientation and lack of clarity. That’s because with anxiety, one cannot simply get a substitute such as yoga and think, ‘yaay, I’m cured!’

In fact, curing anxiety requires one to change the subtle activities that they handle from day to day in order to make things work. Keep in mind that this is not a 100% cure, rather, an effective way to minimize situations of anxiety in one’s life.

That being said, here are some activities can drastically reduce feelings of anxiety throughout the day.

  1. Make that bed every morning!

The simple act of making one’s bed enables them to have the great feeling that they have accomplished something that morning. Aside from that, no matter how bad their day was, at least they have a made bed to come home to every night!

  1. Keeping the phone on silent.

In recent times, phones have become super addictive. Not only are they part and parcel of daily life, but also play a big role in how people run their businesses and interact with others.

That being said, phones have also become large anxiety as well as stress inducers. That’s because their occasional buzzing and ringing rarely gives one time to rest.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential that once in a while, phones should be kept on silent to allow the owner to have some time to relax. Some people might be thinking, “but what if it’s an emergency call?” Nine out of ten times, the call is usually work or business-related.

  1. Opening up to family and friends about anxiety

Human beings are social, and hence, naturally inclined to share their experiences with close friends and family. Putting this into perspective, isn’t it wise to share with others about anxiety? Not only does one get emotional support, but it also relieves them of the curiosity as to why the said person might act awkward in certain situations.

  1. Minimizing time spent on social media

Unbeknownst to many, social media is actually one of the major factors of anxiety out there. Why is this the case? Well, social media is known as a place where people put up the façade of a perfect life. For many, seeing such visuals can result in anxiety because one believes that others are living a better life than he or she is.

That being said, it’s better to minimize social media links us much as possible and go out there for the real experiences of life. Plus, one has to realize that not all will always be fun and dandy. There have to be hiccups and bumps along the way.

  1. Staying healthy

When we eat right, keep fit, and have a sense of well-being, the brain will naturally reduce endorphins, thus reducing stress as well as anxiety levels. That being said, if one has a problem figuring out how to maintain optimal health, visit Health Row to get expert tips.

  1. The Power to say ‘no.’

A two-letter word that can have profound effect on one’s life if utilized in the right manner. Having the power to say no can remove your from even the most awkward of situations. As well as setting the person in the right path to avoiding indulgent in activities that he or she is not fond of.