6 Tips for Allergy Free Rooms for Children

We all know that more and more kids are suffering from allergies. If your child’s allergies act up when you are at home, it means that your little one’s bedroom is probably the problem area. And in order to make sure allergies don’t act up often, you should try to make your child’s bedroom less cozy to mold and dust mites. We have come up with 6 tips that are guaranteed to help you do so. Make sure you check them all out.

Declutter the Entire Room

One of the things you will have to do when trying to make your child’s room allergy free is get rid of all the clutter lying around the room. Keeping the things simpler will always help your little one breathe better. So, if there are any books (especially old ones) and magazines in the room, make sure you put them somewhere else since these tend to collect much dust. Also, try not to store anything under your children’s bed.

Keep the Bed Clean

One of the biggest dust collectors in your child’s room is their bed. In order to prevent your child from having an allergy attack caused by dust mites, you should clean all the dust out of the bed. First of all, this means you will have to put dust-mite-proof covers on your little one’s pillows, mattresses and comforters. Also, you should wash all the pillowcases and blankets at 130°F and dry them in a hot dryer.

Protect the Room Air

Dust mites and mold simply love warm spaces. So, if you don’t want them piling up in your child’s room, you should try to keep it cool. When it’s too warm outside, you should use your air conditioner, rather than opening a window. During the winter, always make sure you are not turning up the heat too much. And in case you live in a sweaty-weather climate, keeping humidity between 30% and 50% is a good idea.

Make the Room a Pet-Free Zone

Unfortunately, children who suffer from allergies can find it quite difficult to live with a pet. No matter how much they love their little fury friend, dander and saliva from animals carry allergens and it’s very important that they don’t get in contact with it. Ideally, you should keep your pet out of your child’s room. If you have a backyard, it might be a good idea to have your pet stay there.

Get Rid of the Carpets

Dust mites tend to pile up in old carpets more than anywhere else. For this reason, you should consider replacing the carpet in your child’s room with an area rug. There are kids floor rugs available online that can fit in just any room perfectly and help you keep the entire place allergen free. Of course, just make sure you vacuum and clean the rug regularly.

Get Rid of Roaches

Not many people know that tiny droppings these scurrying insects leave behind tend to trigger allergy and asthma. Roaches can appear no matter where you live and how much effort you put into keeping them away from your home. If you notice roaches in your child’s room, you should contact a pest control contractor and have them deal with these insects for you. In addition, you should make sure your child doesn’t leave any dirty dishes or wet towels on the floor.

Follow these 6 tips and your child’s room should be as allergen free as possible. Of course, make sure you also follow any instructions your child’s allergy specialist gives you.