4 Things Worth Investing in before Selling your House

Selling your house is a major decision and the financial implications related to it may last for a lifetime. Since it is a significant move, there are certain things that you can invest in prior to the sale in order to reap good dividends.

According to leading house buying experts Ready Steady Sell, quick fixes before selling always pay off. Here are some four things that every earnest investor must consider investing in before selling your house:

  • Flooring fixes – If your house is relatively old and the floor is in a poor condition, you will do well to consider fixing it first before putting the house on sale. If your floor is made of hardwood, it will be worth considering removing the carpeting and have the floor refinished.

In the case of plywood sub-floors, you can replace the carpeting with a light tan. Neutral carpeting is usually a good bet for resale. For chipped or cracked ceramic tiles, be sure to clean and replace the grout. Even then, do not install ceramic because it is too expensive unless you are simply doing it for aesthetic reasons.

  • Introducing a fresh lick of paint and fixing the ceiling–It is common to find buyers spending reasonable time staring at the ceilings just to be sure that the roof is not leaking. Painting the house will not only inject freshness into the property but is also a cost effective improvement. Be sure to introduce neutral colours.

In those places where you had wallpaper, get rid of it as this is largely a personal choice. While paining your wood paneling and eliminating dated paneling,  again, stick to neutral and soft colours.

  • Kitchen improvements–It is obvious that appliances and cabinets are quite expensive so you do not have to replace them. Instead, you will do well to invest in remodeling your kitchen as this is guaranteed to give a 100 percent return.

In particular, consider resurfacing with new kitchenworktops and cabinets as well as replacing the faucets and sinks. Remember, stained sinks and leaky faucets are will definitely turn off the prospective buyer.

  • Bathrooms – Bathrooms usually recover more than 100 percent of the money invested on remodeling. Therefore, be sure to choose the areas of renovation carefully so that your efforts pay off.
  • The Exterior and roofs– The power of first impressions cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, you need to consider improving the appeal of your exterior. This may mean replacing the roof, planting some flowers in the garden and resurfacing your driveways.

Buyers are always looking to put their money in a home that has been well maintained or has new and functional appliances. Thus, ensure the electrical, heating and other modern conveniences are in good working condition.