3 Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

If you have any suspicions that you need root canal treatment, see your dentist as soon as possible. Ignoring or avoiding the problem will make it much worse in the long run.

Here are some telltale signs you may need root canal treatment.

  1. Pain

If you experience a throbbing sensation which may change as you alter your posture/ position   this could be a sign you need treatment.

The main problem to look for is the onset of pain when you trigger the tooth. This includes biting down on the tooth or even tapping or inducing pain through hot or cold drinks.

Pain doesn’t always indicate the need for root canal treatment and equally, it isn’t always present in patients that do. Always seek a dental diagnosis if you have issues with pain or discomfort in your teeth.

  1. Gum Tenderness, swelling or infection

As with pain, gum issues don’t always indicate a root canal related problem.

  • When swelling is caused by gum issues, the swelling area is usually located along the side of a tooth or right at the gum line.
  • If the swelling is related to infection inside an actual tooth, the swollen area will be centred in the region of that tooth’s root 
  1. Other signs

Signs of needing a root canal may only be noticeable to your dentist. Having frequent check-ups will allow your dentist to notice any changes in your mouth. They also are trained to see signs that we are not able to notice ourselves.

They may also choose to take an x-ray of your mouth to assess the damage that is not visible to the eye.